Archive of Mechanical Engineering (Sep 2020)

Energy losses in big band saw machines - analysis and optimization

  • Marinov Boycho

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 67, no. 3
pp. 335 – 351


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In this paper, the energy losses in big band saw machines are investigated. These losses are caused by the geometric and angular inaccuracies with which the leading wheels are made. Expressions for calculating the kinetic energy of the mechanical system in the ideal and the real cases are obtained. For this purpose, expressions for calculating the velocities of the centers of the masses in two mutually perpendicular planes are obtained. A dependence for calculation of the kinetic energy losses of the mechanical system in final form is received. Optimization procedure is used to determine the values of the parameters at which these losses have minimum values. The proposed study can be used to minimize energy losses in other classes of woodworking machines.