Nature Environment and Pollution Technology (Mar 2023)

Water Quality Assessment of Wenyu River with Variable Weight Cloud Model

  • Li Guojiao, Men Baohui and Wang Lehao

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 1
pp. 63 – 72


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The water resource is an important guarantee of social and economic sustainable development. The improvement of water’s ecological carbon sequestration ability is a direct response to the goal of “double carbon”. Water quality directly affects its carbon sequestration capacity. So it is necessary to understand the water quality of rivers. In view of the fuzziness and uncertainty in water quality evaluation, this paper uses the cloud model to realize the qualitative to quantitative transformation of water quality in Wenyu River. By combining moment estimation theory with critic weight, AHM weight, and variable weight theory. A water quality evaluation method integrating a variable weight cloud model is constructed. And the temporal and spatial changes in water quality in Wenyu River are studied. The results show that the combined weights balance the influence of each index while retaining the advantages of subjective and objective weights. The results of the water quality evaluation are consistent with the practice, which verifies the feasibility and applicability of the method.