Journal of Stress Analysis (Sep 2019)

Effect of SiC Particles on Fatigue Life of AL-Matrix Composites

  • Z. Hosseini Tabar,
  • F. Barati

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 73 – 88


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In the present study, a micromechanical modeling approach based on volumetric element was considered from a composite consisted of three components: matrix, particle, and particle-matrix intermediate phase. In order to predict the behavior of the damage evolution in the composite, the particle-matrix intermediate phase was modeled based on the cohesive zone model and disruptive elastoplastic behavior was considered for matrix. In order to study the efficiency of the implemented model, at first, modeling processes were conducted using the USERMAT code in finite element ANSYS software, and then the growth of fatigue damage was investigated in the AL composite reinforced with SiC particles. For this purpose, after the study of characterization static constant of cohesive zone model, validation of the static model was approved. S-N curve obtained from experimental results for pure AL were used for Characterization fatigue constants of the matrix. Comparison of the obtained results from finite element analysis with that of experiment, justifies the capability of the employed model to predict the fatigue life of metal matrix composites reinforced with particles in other conditions and is able to consider the effect of volume fraction in predicting fatigue life while the modelbenefits from the lowest tests for the characterization constants of model.