Przegląd Zachodniopomorski (Jan 2020)

Rękopisy szczecińskiego Gimnazjum Mariackiego w zbiorach Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Toruniu

  • Andrzej Mycio



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The historic collection of the University Library in Toruń in its fundamental shape was formed after the World War II, based on the so called restricted collection, i.e. primarily the books from the former German libraries. To Toruń came mainly books from Eastern Prussia and Pomerania. Substantial part of the post-German collection came from Szczecin, including the books kept until the World War II in the Library of the Marian Gymnasium, which continued the tradition of the princely Pedagogium. The Szczecin collection came to Toruń shortly after the military operations of the Wold War II came to an end, either directly from Szczecin or via Pęzino, where they were evacuated by the German administration in order to protect them from the Allied bombings. Single books of Szczecin provenience were bought by the University Library in Toruń also in the subsequent years. In the Toruń university library we house today eight manuscript codices from the Marian Gymnasium Library in Szczecin. All the manuscripts came into being in the modern period, from the late 16th century until second half of the 18th century. Seven of them represent the domains of law, medicine, and theology. Their content reflects the then state of thought and is a perfect source material for studies into the history of science. The eighth one contains the library catalogues and inventories, and is particularly precious for the researchers of history of the Szczecin Gymnasium and its Library.