SHS Web of Conferences (Jan 2019)

Features of procedural characteristics of life elections of young people depending on types of personal maturity/immaturity

  • Rashchupkina Yuliya,
  • Tushnova Yuliya,
  • Alasaad Dalen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 70
p. 08031


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The article presents the results of a study of the procedural characteristics of life choices by young people. The choices of life are choices of lifestyle, career and other significant. For each of the life choices, the process characteristics are considered, which reflect confidence, independence, awareness of choice and expressed in the self-esteem of respondents. The procedural characteristics are analyzed in connection with the maturity of the personality, which determines their specificity for each of life’s choices. Personal maturity is considered as a specific phenomenon, the structure of which is reflected by the integrity of interconnected components, including value-motivational, emotional-volitional, reflective, operational components. Types of personality maturity are distinguished on the basis of the content of each of the components and are considered in the continuum “personality maturity - personality immaturity”. Empirically studied and disclosed are the features of the process characteristics of each of the life choices of young people, depending on the severity and types of their personal maturity. It is empirically established that the severity of the procedural characteristics of each of the life choices is due to the type of maturity or immaturity. Each of the life choices of young people was considered in the context of maturity.