Folia Oeconomica Stetinensia (Dec 2020)

The Role of Technology in Building a Competitive Advantage – Programmatic Buying and Its Impact on the Competitiveness of an Organization

  • Kozielski Robert,
  • Sarna Nikodem

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 2
pp. 216 – 229


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Research background: Recent years have brought a real explosion of new tools and methods of conducting market activities based on new technologies. Solutions based on new technologies carry great development potential for an organization. There is a belief that new technologies – in particular, programmatic buying (analyzed in this article) – also impact an organization’s ability to compete. Programmatic buying (PB) is a tool but also a new model of sales and purchase of advertising, under which the current package approach (traditional) has been replaced by a fully automated individualized approach.