Hoehnea (2018-12-01)

Periphytic and planktonic algae records from the upper Paraná river floodplain, Brazil: an update

  • Bárbara Dunck,
  • Maria Gabriela Junqueira,
  • Andressa Bichoff,
  • Matheus Vieira da Silva,
  • Alfonso Pineda,
  • Aline Caroline Magro de Paula,
  • Bárbara Furigo Zanco,
  • Geovani Arnhold Moresco,
  • Patrícia Iatskiu,
  • Jascieli Carla Bortolini,
  • Yasmin Rodrigues de Souza,
  • Sueli Train,
  • Luzia Cleide Rodrigues,
  • Susicley Jati,
  • Liliana Rodrigues

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 45, no. 4
pp. 560 – 590


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ABSTRACT The upper Paraná river floodplain is a strategic area for the Brazilian biological and environmental patrimony and contains several conservation units. We aimed to record the occurrence and the geographic distribution of microalgae in this floodplain during 30 years of research carried out by the Center for Research in Limnology, Ichthyology and Aquaculture - State University of Maringá. We consulted 80 publications (national and international journals and books published from 1986 to 2016). We considered only published works that referenced algae at the generic and infrageneric levels. The results indicated 938 species of algae (562 periphytic, 482 planktonic), which 103 co-occur in the two habitats. Cosmarium was the richest genera for periphyton and Traquelomonas for phytoplankton. This study increased the knowledge of microalgae biodiversity in Brazil and provided data for future ecological and biogeographic studies.