Алматы технологиялық университетінің хабаршысы (Jan 2021)

Milk serum improves quality of gluten-free bread from starch-sorghum mixture

  • V. Drobot,
  • Y. Sorochynska,
  • O. Teslya

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 127, no. 2
pp. 8 – 12


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The results of the influence of sour milk serum on the process of the technological process of dough preparation and the quality of gluten-free bread with a starch-sorghum mixture. It was found that when using a sour milk serum the acidity of the test system and bread increases. In the pr ocess of fermentation of the test, gas generation increases, which indicates the intens ification of the fermentation process. In the case of increased swelling of particles of sorghum flour, the form-holding ability of the dough improves. This is confirmed by an increase in the volume of dough and finished products. The optimal dosage is 10% sour milk serum, which provides an increase in specific volume by 5% and porosity by 3% compared with the control sample. Bread is enriched with proteins and other physiologically valuable substances.