Revista MENDIVE (Apr 2022)

Experiences of Distance Education in the Bachelor of Primary Education in time of COVID-19

  • Belkis Moreno Corrales,
  • Ramón González Calero,
  • Ileana Vargas Comes

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 2
pp. 385 – 393


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Given the presence of the pandemic in Cuba, the Ministry of Higher Education outlines strategies that are renewed, to support the training of students in the midst of such measures and turn adversity into a new opportunity. To achieve this challenge, it is necessary to implement new policies such as: face the pandemic, manage continuity of study, improve and accelerate learning. To address this problem, the authors in this article propose the objective of socializing experiences carried out with students and teachers of the Bachelor of Primary Education career at the Mantua Municipal University Center. As a starting point, an assessment of the different positions in the study of the implementation of Distance Education is made, inquiring through the review of documents, survey and interview to students and teachers that was applied to know the level of preparation and satisfaction. The main results were based on developing the Educational Teaching Process at a distance with quality, the appropriation of the independent work method was achieved based on the quality of learning and greater knowledge management by teachers and students.