Развитие образования (Mar 2023)

Specifics of mastering a foreign language (english) by students studying at the training department of “public and municipal administraion”

  • Olga N. Selezneva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 1
pp. 29 – 33


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The article deals with a vital problem of the specifics while mastering a foreign language (English) by the students studying at the training department of “Public and municipal administration”. The aim of this scientific article is to analyze the peculiarities of studying a foreign language by students of management specialties, which can allow one to explore English-language sources with a complex vocabulary and conceptual apparatus. The author of the article uses theoretical and empirical research methods. The research material is the content of professional training, while the means of education are authentic English texts of professional subjects, allowing students to master international terminological tools. The results of the research show the need to develop critical, analytical thinking among the students, in addition to mastering the general course of a foreign language (English). The scientific direction of ESAP is depicted in the article, which allows professional and language skills’ teaching in a specific disciplinary context. It can be concluded that the attention of the students studying a foreign language in the direction of preparation 'State and municipal management' should be focused on various types of analysis, such as logical, comparative, lexical and terminological, contextual ones, which, in turn, can require critical and analytical thinking development, selection of information, its processing, interpretation, as well as its adequate use.