La cuestión del sujeto de las virtudes morales en la Ordinatio de Juan Duns Escoto

Studia Gilsoniana. 2020;9(1):11-31 DOI 10.26385/SG.090101


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"The Question of the Subject of Moral Virtues in the Ordinatio of John Duns Scotus": The article discusses John Duns Scotus’s claim that moral virtues reside in the will as in their subject. It concludes that Scotus represents a position contrary to the common opinion of a large number of his predecessors, not only in relation to virtues but also in relation to the power of the soul and its role in moral life. It also contains a translation of a passage from Ordinatio III, 33, a unique question in which Scotus, after having considered and contested the position of Thomas Aquinas regarding the subject of moral virtues, gives his own opinion on the topic.