Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences (Jun 2010)

Economic Literacy Indicators at the Department of Computer Education & Instructional Technologies

  • Sevgi GEREK,
  • A. Aşkım KURT

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 87 – 97


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Developments in technology and communication in the 21st century have led to increased expectations from individuals. One of these expectation areas is literacy. As a requirement of the information age, it can be said that the economic literacy is one of the most important areas of literacy. Economic literacy can be defined in terms of ability to revise the alternatives for interpreting economic problems and finding solutions to these problems, to define the cost and profits, to investigate the effects of changes in economic conditions and in public policies, to gather and organize economy-related data and to balance the profits and costs. One of the tools that affect the life can be said economic literacy but it is a neglected area in most higher education programs. In this study, Computer Education and Instructional Technology program courses were examined within the framework of economic literacy indicators