Emerita (2015-12-01)

Hoopoes, cuckoos and birds of prey: the authorship of Sophocles, Fr. 581 R. (Arist., HA 633a 17-28) (Tereus)

  • Miryam Librán Moreno

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 83, no. 2
pp. 247 – 263


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Some mythographical and ornithological details in S., Fr. 581 R. (Tereus’ metamorphosis into both a hoopoe and a hawk; Itys’ transformation into a raptor), preserved by Aristotle, HA 633a17-28, are not compatible with what can be known of Sophocles’ Tereus. Such a discrepance casts doubts on the Sophoclean authorship of the fragment.