Población & Sociedad (2018-06-01)

¿Límites ecológicos y fronteras tecnológicas en el negocio agrícola? Agricultura y ambiente en los sectores agrarios medios del noroeste argentino // Ecological limits and technological frontiers in agribusiness? Agriculture and environment in the middle

  • Facundo Zorzoli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 1


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The consolidation of the agribusiness model (MA) in Argentina has entailed significant transformations in the social, economic and ecological dimensions. The so-called “externalities” of the MA have been denounced and analyzed by different social sectors. However, in the agrarian social sectors inscribed in the logic of the MA, the environmental dimension enters as a different concern, that is, as problems for business profitability. In this paper, we aim to explore this issue in relation to the strategies that the middle agrarian sectors related to soybean production are starting to outline in response to the new problems of the XXI century agriculture, such as glyphosate-resistant weeds.