Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (Jan 2021)

Dynamic Network Security Mechanism Based on Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Guiping Zheng,
  • Bei Gong,
  • Yu Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021


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Wireless sensor network is a key technology in Internet of Things. However, due to the large number of sensor nodes and limited security capability, aging nodes and malicious nodes increase. In order to detect the untrusted nodes in the network quickly and effectively and ensure the reliable operation of the network, this paper proposes a dynamic network security mechanism. Firstly, the direct trust value of the node is established based on its behavior in the regional information interaction. Then, the comprehensive trust value is calculated according to the trust recommendation value and energy evaluation value of other high-trust nodes. Finally, node reliability and management nodes are updated periodically. Malicious nodes are detected and isolated according to the credibility to ensure the dynamic, safe, and reliable operation of the network. Simulation results and analysis show that the node trust value calculated by this mechanism can reflect its credibility truly and accurately. In terms of reliable network operation, the mechanism can effectively detect malicious nodes, with higher detection rate, avoid the risk of malicious nodes as management nodes, reduce the energy consumption of nodes, and also play a defensive role in DOS attacks in wireless sensor networks.