Applied Sciences (Nov 2019)

Actively Tunable Metalens Array Based on Patterned Phase Change Materials

  • Wei Bai,
  • Ping Yang,
  • Shuai Wang,
  • Jie Huang,
  • Dingbo Chen,
  • Zhaojian Zhang,
  • Junbo Yang,
  • Bing Xu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 22
p. 4927


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Recently, the metalens has been investigated for its application in many fields due to its advantages of being much smaller than a conventional lens and is compatible with nano-devices. Although metalenses have extraordinary optical performance, it is still not enough in some occasions such as wavefront detection for adaptive optics and display for large area applications. Using a metalens array is an ideal solution to solve these problems. Unfortunately, the common metalens array cannot be adjusted once it is fabricated, which limits its range of application. In this article, we designed an actively tunable metalens array for the first time by arranging the patterned phase change material Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) appropriately. For the metalens array designed at the wavelength of 4.6 μm, it had excellent broadband performance in the range from 4.5 μm to 5.2 μm. On the other hand, by tuning the phase state of GST, the focus and display of the metalens array can be controlled, acting as switching on or off. Furthermore, any graphics constructed with patterned focal spots can be achieved when the metalens array has sufficient secondary unit cells. The proposed metalens may have potential application value in the adaptive optics and dynamic display field.