Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series (Jan 2019)

Strategies of Improving the Quality Management System in the Tourism Industry: Pamukkale

  • Corina Aurora Marin (Barbu),
  • Elena Cerasela Spătariu,
  • Gabriela Gheorghiu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XIX, no. 1
pp. 246 – 253


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The touristic activity is among the few phenomena that have been imposed in the contemporary era. Through the dimension reached today in tourism, in all its components, through its implications on the development of the economy, but also on the quality of the environment, we can appreciate that tourism really has implications in three essential areas: economic, social and environmental. The organization and management of the touristic activity thus requires a process of ordering the components of the touristic device in order to ensure the functioning of the ensemble and to obtain a profit. It aims at synchronizing and correlating this field with the other branches and activities, as well as establishing attributions so as to ensure the development of tourism activity.