Proceedings (Nov 2019)

Generation of Adaptive Mobile Applications Based on Design Patterns for User Interfaces

  • Amani Braham,
  • Félix Buendía,
  • Maha Khemaja,
  • Faiez Gargouri

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 31, no. 1
p. 19


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Generating mobile apps represents a big challenge in several areas, such as considering audience needs, adapting their user interfaces to such needs, dealing with design constraints or using different development technologies. The present work seeks to examine how design patterns can help to support the generation of this kind of adaptive mobile application. In particular, design patterns related to user interfaces are reviewed, and an ontology-based framework is proposed to manage their pattern descriptions and associated rules. Such a framework enables a more versatile and powerful organization of mobile interface items, as well as their adaptation to context changes and user requirements in specific scenarios. An example of adaptive mobile application has been developed to show the suitability of the proposed framework, and the application usability has been evaluated in terms of satisfaction, learnability, and efficiency.