Energy Reports (2021-04-01)

Low-latency integrated energy conversion equipment design

  • Di Wu,
  • Fei Xiao,
  • Meiping Fu,
  • Jianrong Mao

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7
pp. 167 – 174


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Integrated energy service is the main form of future energy supply. Integrated energy optimization and integration can make full use of distributed energy and renewable energy. In this paper, a set of low-latency integrated energy conversion equipment with electricity as the core have been designed to meet the comprehensive energy requirements of electricity, cooling, heating, hot water, etc. The distributed photovoltaic power generation, micro-turbine combined heat and power, electrochemical energy storage, hot water storage tanks, electric auxiliary heat, ground source heat pumps and multi-port power converter were integrated with low-latency fast local communication to achieve the coordinated control between energy portfolios. And with the lowest operating cost, maximum renewable energy utilization, and highest energy utilization efficiency as the control objects, uses power electronics converter millisecond-level high-speed response performance and inertia controllability, to support the conversion of single energy flow to multi-energy flow, ensure the reliable, economical, efficient and green operation of the user’s integrated energy system, realize multi-energy complementation, and energy cascade utilization.