Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (May 2018)

Innowacyjność gospodarki w świetle krajowych progra-mów operacyjnych realizowanych w Polsce w ramach po-lityki spójności Unii Europejskiej w latach 2004–2020

  • Sławomir Kotylak,
  • Waldemar Sługocki

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 130


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The article presents Polish experience in building a competitive economy with financial support from the European Union budget as part of national operational programs. In this context, consider-ations began by clarifying the concept of innovation, then both the potential of the Polish economy on the eve of European integration, the strategic planning process and operational programs entirely focused on supporting those elements that directly and indirectly affect the growth of innovation of domestic business entities were presented. The article also draws attention to the scale of financial resources allocated to support the innovativeness of the Polish economy in particular programming periods, the evolution of goals and priorities and the entities involved in the implementation of these issues.