Medisur (2020-05-01)

CONVIDA line. Proposal for a practical psychological guide to the emerging situation of COVID 19. Cienfuegos, 2020

  • Anais Marta Valladares González,
  • Laura Magda López Angulo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 3
pp. 416 – 430


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Foundation: telephone helpline is a valuable technique and strategy to face health problems, a service that requires a practical psychological guide with guidelines that support action in front of a person requesting help.Objective: to design a psychological practice guide to orient psychologists who provide help on the CONVIDA line.Methods: research in Health Systems and Services, in applied research modality, developed by the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Cienfuegos, from the second half of April to the first week of May 2020. Methods of the theoretical and empirical levels were used (content analysis and weighting). At first, it was carried out a review of the documents issued by MINSAP, and second, specialists (three) working in the confidential line met, and seven psychologists from the Department of Psychology, with experience in psychological counseling, were consulted.Results: Several components organized into four phases of the guide were integrated: beginning, information collection, intervention and closure, useful for psychologists who attend the CONVIDA telephone line. The most important contributions were: components determination, conception on the guide structure and selection of psychological influence.Conclusions: a guide for psychological practice is presented for professionals who are providing telephone psychological help to people who request it, in the midst of the COVIC pandemic 19.