Antarctic Record (Nov 2011)

Report on a portable laboratory, made from a modified cargo container, aboard the RV Shirase during the 2009-2010 Antarctic cruise of the 51st Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-51)

  • Makoto Wada,
  • Seizi Koga,
  • Daiki Nomura,
  • Tsuneo Odate,
  • Mitsuo Fukuchi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 3
pp. 271 – 278


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A portable laboratory, made from a modified 20 feet-long cargo container,was newly installed on the observation deck of the RV Shirase on her maiden voyage to the Antarctic during 2009-2010. The laboratory was used to measure the concentrations of volatile organic compounds (e.g., dimethyle sulfides) in samples of air collected from above the sea and the sea ice, using a proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometer (PTR-MS). This paper describes the laboratory and notes several problems to be overcome in terms of its use.