High pressure sintering of TiB2 ceramics at different temperatures

Processing and Application of Ceramics. 2008;2(1):9-12


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Journal Title: Processing and Application of Ceramics

ISSN: 1820-6131 (Print); 2406-1034 (Online)

Publisher: University of Novi Sad

Society/Institution: Faculty of Technology

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Chemical technology: Clay industries. Ceramics. Glass

Country of publisher: Serbia

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Andrei V. Kapylou
Vladimir S. Urbanovich
Vladimir A. Kukareko


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In this paper the effect of high-pressure sintering (HPS) temperature on the microstructure, physical and mechanical properties of TiB2 ceramics has been investigated. Initial TiB2 powder with the average particle size of 5 μm was sintered in a modifi ed high-pressure anvil-type apparatus under static pressure of 4 GPa in the temperature range of 1400–1800°C. It is shown that HPS allows preparing full-dense TiB2 ceramics with fi ne-grained structure. The density of samples rises with increasing the sintering temperature up to 1800°C while the maximal microhardness is observed on samples prepared in the temperature range of 1500–1600°C. XRD analysis has shown that this fact is connected with an increase of the level of internal stresses in these samples.