Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine (Jan 2015)

Influence of Plantar Fascial Taping on Pressure Pain Sensitivity Changes in Lower Extremity Posterior Line Muscles in Futsal Players

  • Dawid Goliński,
  • Sebastian Klich,
  • Mateusz Stawarz,
  • Paweł Wolański

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11


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The aim of the study was to evaluate the threshold of muscle pain sensitivity at the posterior line of the futsal player’s lower extremity muscles under the influence of the stimulation of the foot arch with a nonelastic tape application. The study included 25 futsal players representing university club AZS AWF Wroclaw. During the experiment, a nonelastic tape was applied on the plantar foot surface, basing on the standards of low-Dye taping.The test program consisted of a 3-day cycle, during which the pressure pain threshold (PPT) was measured: 1) before application of the tape, 2) 24 hours and 3) 72 hours after application. The PPT was measured using the Somedic Algometer type 2. Analysis of the results was performed using analysis of variance for repeated measures and post hoc Bonferroni’s test. Long-term stimulation of plantar surface significantly affects the increase in the PPT in the lower extremity posterior line muscles. In motor control trainings, especially in match-starter terms, new physiotherapeutic measures and therapeutic techniques should be used.