Geografías emotivas y culturales de un artista peruano inmigrado en Europa

Confluenze. 2014;5(2):28-44 DOI 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/4160


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Journal Title: Confluenze

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Leslie Nancy Hernández Nova (European University Institute)


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In this essay I propose to illustrate multiple reading possibilities about life story of Peruvian artist of Italian origins, Juan Orsi, through his narrative, work and personal map drawn by him during our interview to discuss: the transmission of a 'duty of migration' that his receives from his Italian great- grandfather arrived to Perù, emotional geography that links Europe with their land of origin and Amazonian shipiba cosmography of indigenuos group which described as visual language that allows the artist and the migrant to create a channel of communication with cultural constellation which takes shape mutiple their sense of belonging, an intimate dialogue between various origins.