Ra Ximhai. 2016;12(1):33-47


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Journal Title: Ra Ximhai

ISSN: 1665-0441 (Print)

Publisher: Universidad Autónoma Indígena de México

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Social sciences (General)

Country of publisher: Mexico

Language of fulltext: Spanish; Castilian, English

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María Esther Méndez-Cadena
Beatriz Martínez-Corona
Elia Pérez-Nasser


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This work reflects the results from a study on institutional behavior and interaction between teachers and pupils that influence the overall academic performance of postgraduate students from an agronomic institution in Mexico, Postgraduated College (CP). The goal was to identify multiple practices, forms and behaviors where gender is perceived in such way that harassment or mistreat occurs in the form of inequalities expressed in postgraduate programs that have been, traditionally, of a higher masculine presence. The method of investigation used quantitative and qualitative tools; a poll was made through electronic devices aimed at both men and women students from 4 of the 7 campuses. These campuses are spread through several states of Mexico and form part of the Postgraduate College. The students identified behavior that is deemed sexist and/or discriminatory such as psychological abuse at school, use of sexist and non-inclusive language, undermining the academic work of female peers, exclusion, and subordination. All of the stated activities have strong repercussions on school performance, the perception of achievement, emotional stability and self- esteem of the alumni. What we see here is an urgent need to change the way the student body and the professors behave on the institution grounds. It is of essence to analyze gender inequality, from chain of command to the social and symbolic aspects of the postgraduate community. This means restructuring institutional culture, by proposing strategies that veer in favor of equity.