Archivo Médico de Camagüey (Oct 2020)

Development of generic competences: course of first aid, nursing students at a chilean University

  • Alejandro Antonio Hernández-Díaz,
  • Mónica Illesca-Pretty,
  • Karin Hein-Campana,
  • Jessica Godoy-Pozo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24, no. 5
pp. 620 – 630


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Background: investigating the competences of a subject allows to reflect and to strengthen the training. Objective: to reveal nursing students’ opinion regarding development of acquired competences through first aid subject. Methods: an exploratory qualitative research was undertaken, a deliberated sample by criteria was constituted by 15 nursing students of fifth grade. The study was developed during the second semester of 2016, and a focus group technique was performed (two focus groups of seven and eight students respectively).Also, were conducted a semi-structured interview, it was worked with Guba strict criteria, content analysis technique and categories emerged through Milles and Huberman framework. Results: three categories emerged related to First Aid on the Plan of Study: a) Meaning of the First Aid concept and subcategories, b) First Aid theoretical definition and c) Practical Definition of First Aid. For the second category called Development of Generic Competences, emerged two subcategories: Instrumental Competences, Systemic competences, and for the category of functions and areas of nursing professional practice developed through First Aid, emerged the categories of Educational Role and Assistance Role. Conclusions: nursing students define the concept of First Aid. From the generic competences identified, the instrumental competences were knowledge, communication and decision making. From the systemic competences were identified Motivation and Leadership as critical axes. According to the curriculum, were identified the assistance and educational roles. It is suggested to involve Psychological First Aid. DeCS: FIRST AID/nursing; FIRST AID/psychology; COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION; STUDENTS, NURSING; NURSE'S ROLE.