Antarctic Record (Nov 1994)

Activities of the summer party of the 34th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1992-1993

  • Renji Naruse

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 38, no. 3
pp. 252 – 267


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Summer activities of the 34th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-34) in 1992-1993 are described. The expedition consisted of 39 members of the wintering party, 16 members of the summer party, and two scientists from China and Australia (one for the wintering and one for the summer party). The icebreaker SHIRASE left Tokyo on 14 November 1992 and arrived at Syowa Station on 30 December. Transportation of cargoes to Syowa Station and to Station S16 (600m a. s. l.) on the ice sheet was started from 18 December; a total of 960t were freighted by helicopters and oversnow vehicles until the middle of January 1993. Construction of a three-story house was completed at the central part of Syowa Station before early February 1993. From 19 December 1992 to 9 February 1993,various studies were carried out at Syowa Station. Observations of the upper atmosphere using Polar Patrol Balloons were successfully accomplished three times. A number of gravity data with high accuracy were obtained by absolute measurements of gravity. In the coastal regions of Lutzow-Holm Bay and the Prince Olav Coast, geological, geomorphological, geodetic and biological surveys were carried out during 43 days. An oversnow traverse to/from the Inland Camp (74°S, 43°E; 3341m a. s. l.) was also performed between 2 and 31 January. After having left the pack ice zone in Lutzow-Holm Bay on 13 February, marine biology research using trawl nets and other types of nets was carried out in Lutzow-Holm, Amundsen-Casey and Prydz bays. During the complete cruise from Fremantle to Sydney, Australia, oceanographical observations were conducted at 15 stations. The icebreaker arrived at Sydney on 21 March. Members of the summer party of JARE-34 and the wintering party of JARE-33 returned to Narita on 28 March.