Italian Journal of Animal Science (Jan 2010)

546 Meat quality of Suffolk and Bergamasca lambs slaughtered at 90 days of age

  • Riccardo Bozzi,
  • Carolina Pugliese,
  • Giovanni Brajon,
  • Aldo Dal Prà,
  • Francesco Sirtori

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 2s
pp. 546 – 548


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Twenty lambs, 10 Suffolk (S) e 10 Bergamasca (B) born from single (SI) and twin type of birth (TW), were employed. Lambs fed the same diet. Chemical-physical analysis were performed on raw Longissimus lumborum (LL). B showed the lowest cooked loss on cooked LL, the highest value of a* and b* on raw meat. As regard fatty acid composition, LL of B showed the highest saturated fatty acids and the lowest value of polyunsaturated acids. Twin subjects showed raw meat with the lowest value of ether extract and with a healthy fatty acid composition.