Antarctic Record (Mar 1986)

Installation of geodetic control point at the National Institute of Polar Research

  • Akifusa Itabashi,
  • Takeji Kometani,
  • Kazuo Shibuya

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 30, no. 1
pp. 80 – 88


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A geodetic control point (named NIPR main-point) was installed in September 1985,on the roof of the Administrative Building of the National Institute of Polar Research. The geodetic coordinates are obtained by measuring distances and angles from the third-order triangulation points Shimo-Itabashi and Oji, and the net adjustment method is applied. The height of NIPR main-point is determined from the levelling between the first-order levelling point 017-009 and the bench mark of the Administrative Building, and the height difference measurement between the roof and the bench mark by using a metal measure. The above observations were made according to the standard operating procedure of the Geographical Survey Institute, Ministry of Construction. The obtained coordinates are 35°45′1.801″N for latitude, 139°43′12.763″E for longitude and 43.25m for height above mean sea level. In order to make satellite receiving experiments, supplementary points A and B are also installed on the roof for antenna location.