Tendencias (Jan 2024)

Remote work as the main attraction in job offers: a consequence of the COVID-19

  • Félix Oscar Socorro Márquez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 1
pp. 322 – 346


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As a consequence of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, some companies were forced to carry out their operations remotely, in order to face quarantine without putting their business at risk. After a year and a half, companies have begun to ask their employees to return to the office, but some of them have decided to resign before returning to work 100% in person, a phenomenon that has been called «the Great Resignation» which has increased unemployment and, at the same time, has generated a change in the preference of candidates when responding to job offers. The objective of this study focuses on exploring through a survey the preferences of employees and candidates in the options that job offers may present in terms of the remote work modality. The main finding is that more than 48% want to choose what percentage of their work will be remote and which one will not and, additionally, it was found that more than 84% of the studied sample would be interested in a job offer that provides remote work with any of its alternatives.