International Journal of Serious Games (Oct 2014)

Investigating the Potential market of a Serious Game for Training of Alzheimer’s Caregivers in a Northern Spain region

  • Jon Arambarri,
  • Isabel De La Torre-Díez,
  • Miguel Lopez Coronado,
  • Itziar Alvarez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 4


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Gamification can help training people with Alzheimer and their caregivers. In this paper are shown the benefits of gamification for this group of people and the technical and social feasibility of launching a game on the market. A Use Case in the north of Spain has been selected. A deep study about the state of the art in gamification and dementia aimed at training caregivers and families has been made but no available game have been reached out. For early states of analysing the technical and social feasibility of launching the serious game a group of highly skill both technicians and psychologists have been selected. To develop and launch products that fit Alzheimer patients and their family’s needs the learning by doing methodology has been selected - a mix of learning in everyday practices, learning from other people involved, learning from experience and learning from the affected person. In addition the following agents are involved: People with dementia, families, and professionals carers and expert people.