Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications (Sep 2020)

Using interval type-2 fuzzy logic to analyze Igbo emotion words

  • Uduak Umoh,
  • Imo Eyoh,
  • Etebong Isong,
  • Anietie Ekong,
  • Salvation Peter

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 3
pp. 206 – 226


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Several attempts had been made to analyze emotion words in the fields of linguistics, psychology and sociology; with the advent of computers, the analyses of these words have taken a different dimension. Unfortunately, limited attempts have so far been made to using interval type-2 fuzzy logic (IT2FL) to analyze these words in native languages. This study used IT2FL to analyze Igbo emotion words. IT2F sets are computed using the interval approach method which is divided into two parts: the data part and the fuzzy set part. The data part preprocessed data and its statistics computed for the interval that survived the preprocessing stages while the fuzzy set part determined the nature of the footprint of uncertainty; the IT2F set mathematical models for each emotion characteristics of each emotion word is also computed. The data used in this work was collected from fifteen subjects who were asked to enter an interval for each of the emotion characteristics: Valence, Activation and Dominance on an interval survey of the thirty Igbo emotion words. With this, the words are being analyzed and can be used for the purposes of translation between vocabularies in consideration to context.