Modern state and development perspectives for Mongolistics in Tuva

Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy. 2016;0(3)


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Journal Title: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Publisher: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Dashnyam Luvsandamba (Академия традиций Монголии)

Kaadyr-ool A. Bicheldey (Министерство образования и науки Республики Тыва)

Antonina S. Dongak (Тувинский институт гуманитарных и прикладных социально-экономических исследований)


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Article presents the historical milestones of establishing and development of scientific studies by Tuvan scientists of Mongolian history and culture. It also provides a review of modern projects, including those conducted in close cooperation with Mongolian scientific institutions.