Dianzi Jishu Yingyong (May 2021)

A novel high step-up DC/DC converter based on Sepic

  • Gao Shuang,
  • Zhao Shiwei,
  • Zhang Longwei,
  • Li Jiangrong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 47, no. 5
pp. 108 – 111


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In order to solve the shortcoming that Boost converter can obtain high voltage gain under the limit duty cycle, a new type of high-gain converter is proposed on the basis of the traditional Sepic converter. The converter retains the advantages of the continuous input current of the Sepic converter, by introducing a passive clamp circuit, the voltage stress of the switch tube is reduced, at the same time, the leakage inductance and the capacitor in the circuit have a resonance process, effectively reducing the impact of the diode reverse recovery problem. The working process of the converter in each switching mode was analyzed in detail, the voltage gain expression of the converter was deduced, and the voltage stress of the switching device were calculated. A 100 W experimental prototype was made, and the correctness of the theoretical analysis is verified through experiments.