Finisterra - Revista Portuguesa de Geografia (Dec 2010)

Creación de imagen, visibilidad y turismo como estrategias de crecimiento económico de la ciudad

  • Antònia Casellas,
  • Montserrat Pallares-Barbera,
  • Esteve Dot Jutgla

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XLV, no. 90
pp. 153 – 172


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Image creation, visibility and tourism. Growth strategies for the future? The aim of this paper is to analyse how Barcelona’s economic growth since the 1990s has been based on the production of advanced services, in which image creation and tourism have played a key role. In this context, we emphasise the role played by macro-events, such as the 1992 Olympic Games, which have brought about important changes to Barcelona’s economic model, and we highlight the importance of public-private partnerships and strategic planning. Additionally, we analyse the economic impact of tourism upon the city in the period 1990-2010, and we conclude with some reflections on the implications upon public space entailed by this growth strategy.