Haiyang Kaifa yu guanli (Aug 2022)

The Path of Building Maritime Community with Shared Future Based on the Development of Deep-Sea Marine Energy

  • Qiang ZHAO,
  • Hongli WANG

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 39, no. 8
pp. 99 – 108


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In order to practice the concept of "maritime community with shared future" and accelerate the construction of a maritime power, this paper reviewed the strategic significance and value of deep-sea marine energy development, and summarized the research status and application prospects of ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), and put forward the global development concept and development path of OTEC. The results showed that the development of deep-sea marine energy was of great significance and value in coping with global climate change, safeguarding national energy security, accelerating the arrival of the hydrogen energy era, supporting the development of ocean mineral resources, and promoting the building of "Maritime Community with Shared Future". Among them, OTEC was the main development target. At present, OTEC had been researched for many years at home and abroad. With the progress of thermoelectric materials and offshore platforms technologies, OTEC showed great application prospects. The OTEC could be realized by making full use of the characteristics of tropical ocean circulation through the deployment of large-scale floating platforms. Through the gradual construction of the blue energy community of the South China Sea, RCEP, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, the global community of blue energy destiny would be finally built.