Where Are You Going, Humanity?

EIRP Proceedings. 2015;10(1):593-599


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Journal Title: EIRP Proceedings

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Publisher: Danubius University

Society/Institution: Danubius University

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Constantin Frosin (Danubius University of Galati)


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According to evolutionary spiral, every point is a center and any center becomes a point... No trace of a Centre, but just a too small Point… Or, more down to earth (with a mundane speech) , we speak of greatness and decay of a society, a state, a nation... Apparently, the space is the place where East passes (in the West), is the place where it is appropriate to speak of the animation of the place, the place where life lives, where a life is intense all points of view: economic, political, cultural etc. But is it true that everything is going to the center? Jacques Chaban-Delmas said that “The center is stationary: the wheel forwards, the center does not move”.