Analiza i Egzystencja (2018-01-01)

Podmiot zanikający – kwestia podmiotowości w psychoanalizie Jacques’a Lacana

  • Grzegorz Michalik

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 41


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DISAPPEARING SUBJECT – SUBJECTIVITY IN JACQUES LACAN’S PSYCHOANALYSIS Summary In the paper, author would like to describe conceptions of the subject in Lacanian psychoanalysis. It is not only question of existence of unconscious and its influence on the conscious ego, but also problem of linguistic dimension of the unconscious. In Lacanian psychoanalysis, unconsious is structured like a language, nevertheless language/Symbolic is limited. We can’t say everything, there is always something outside the Symbolic. It is, of course, famous Lacanian Real – core of our being. Author presents not only Lacan’s view on subject, but also evolution of this topic and questions concerning subjectivity beyond alienation in Symbolic.