Electronics (May 2021)

Using a Hybrid Recommending System for Learning Videos in Flipped Classrooms and MOOCs

  • Jaume Jordán,
  • Soledad Valero,
  • Carlos Turró,
  • Vicent Botti

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1226
p. 1226


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New challenges in education require new ways of education. Higher education has adapted to these new challenges by means of offering new types of training like massive online open courses and by updating their teaching methodology using novel approaches as flipped classrooms. These types of training have enabled universities to better adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic. In addition, high quality learning objects are necessary for these new forms of education to be successful, with learning videos being the most common learning objects to provide theoretical concepts. This paper describes a new approach of a previously presented hybrid learning recommender system based on content-based techniques, which was capable of recommend useful videos to learners and lecturers from a learning video repository. In this new approach, the content-based techniques are also combined with a collaborative filtering module, which increases the probability of recommending relevant videos. This hybrid technique has been successfully applied to a real scenario in the central video repository of the Universitat Politècnica de València.