EPJ Web of Conferences (2019-01-01)

Angular and Abundance Distribution of High-energy Gamma Rays and Neutrons Simulated by GEANT4 Code for Solar Flares

  • Kamiya K.,
  • Koga K.,
  • Matsumoto H.,
  • Muraki Y.,
  • Shibata S.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 208
p. 14005


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In the solar flare observed on June 3, 2012, high energy gamma-rays and neutrons were observed. The event includes a remarkable feature of a high neutron/gamma-ratio in the secondary particles. We have examined whether this high n/γ-ratio can be explained by simulation. As a result of simulations using the GEANT4 program, the high n/γ-ratio may be reproduced for the case that helium and other heavy ions were dominantly accelerated in the flare.