Pedagogìka, Psihologìâ ta Mediko-bìologìčnì Problemi Fìzičnogo Vihovannâ ì Sportu (Sep 2012)

The problem of use of motor test at lesson of physical culture

  • Vaskov Y.V.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8
pp. 9 – 12


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The article is considered questions of the use motor test at lesson of physical culture. It is illuminated historical aspects of determination of pupils' physical preparedness by means of motor test. It is determined main functions and purposes of undertaking motor test, as well as their change from scholastic and checking standard. It is rendered concrete main features test, their directivity on determination of the concrete physical ability, rules of the undertaking motor test. It is considered apart questions of the test and test use for determination level of capacity of work of pupils. Aim - to define a role and place of motive tests in the system of physical education of students of general educational establishments. It is certain that testing helps the decision of intricate pedagogical problems. It is well-proven that motive tests must correspond to such criteria as: availability, indifference, reliability, capacity, informing.