The Plant Pathology Journal (Feb 2023)

Regulation of Salicylic Acid and N-Hydroxy-Pipecolic Acid in Systemic Acquired Resistance

  • Gah-Hyun Lim

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 39, no. 1
pp. 21 – 27


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In plants, salicylic acid (SA) is a central immune signal that is involved in both local and systemic acquired resistance (SAR). In addition to SA, several other chemical signals are also involved in SAR and these include N-hydroxy-pipecolic acid (NHP), a newly discovered plant metabolite that plays a crucial role in SAR. Recent discoveries have led to a better understanding of the biosynthesis of SA and NHP and their signaling during plant defense responses. Here, I review the recent progress in role of SA and NHP in SAR. In addition, I discuss how these signals cooperate with other SAR-inducing chemicals to regulate SAR.