An enigmatic graffito from the sun temple of Nyuserre and the meaning of the so-called “slaughterhouse”

Pražské Egyptologické Studie. 2016;(17):52-66


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Journal Title: Pražské Egyptologické Studie

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Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta

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Massimiliano Nuzzolo (Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)


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For a long time the presence of a “slaughterhouse” in the sun temple of Nyuserre has been taken for granted as the result of the investigation conducted by Ludwig Borchardt in Abu Ghurab in 1898–1901. However, several pieces of archaeological and textual evidence, including the documents from the Abusir papyri, which are contemporary with the sun temples, challenge this reconstruction. An important element in this discussion may probably come from the correct reading and interpretation of a hieratic inscription found inside the so-called “slaughterhouse” and later on completely forgotten. To this inscription, and the important institutions mentioned therein, we shall pay attention in this article.