Antarctic Record (Nov 2020)

Report on the geomorphological survey in the Soya Coast (JARE-61)

  • Takeshige Ishiwa,
  • Yuki Tokuda,
  • Takuya Itaki,
  • Satoshi Sasaki

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 64
pp. 330 – 350


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The Antarctic Ice Sheet is a major source of future sea-level rise due to global warming. Reconstruction of the past Antarctic Ice Sheet is essential to understand the mechanism of the Antarctic Ice Sheet response to global and regional climate changes. However, the shortage of geological evidence of sea-level and ice-sheet records makes it difficult to reconstruct the Antarctic Ice Sheet changes. The geomorphological survey is conducted in the 61st Japanese Research Antarctic Research Expedition, and the objective of this survey is to obtain sea-level and ice-sheet records from Lützow-Holm Bay in East Antarctica. We measured the bathymetry and collected sediment samples in shallow water of Langhovde. We also collected the rocks for measuring cosmogenic nuclide and the terrestrial surface sediments, and took an interference pattern under the ground by the ground-penetrating radar in both the Langhovde and West Ongul Island. The data collected will be used to obtain geological evidence of the Antarctic Ice Sheet changes in the future expedition. We report the summary of the geomorphological survey such as planning, logistics, and records.