Journal of Humanistic and Social Studies (May 2015)

Rescrierea parabolelor şi episoadelor biblice în proza lui Vasile Voiculescu

  • Florin Toader Tomoioagă

Journal volume & issue
Vol. VI, no. 1
pp. 39 – 54


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Due to its literary richness, the prose of the Romanian writer Vasile Voiculescu offers many directions of interpretation. In its frame, a special place is occupied by the short-stories with a biblical core. Many of them, like Mântuirea smochinului (The Redemption of the Fig), Lupta cu îngerul (Fighting with the Angel), Toiagul minunilor (The Rod of Wonders), Bunavestire (The Annunciation), Demoniacul din Gadara (Demoniac from Gadara), Adevărul (The Truth) and Copacul lui Iuda (Judas’ Tree) represent re-writings of the biblical episodes or parables. This study analyses the differences between these short-stories and their biblical correspondents, underlining the touch of originality created by the great Romanian writer’s skilful pen.