Iustitia Socialis (2020-02-01)

Analysis of judicial independence in the administration of justice in Ecuador

  • Valeria Alejandra Ordóñez-Segarra,
  • Cecilia Ivonne Narváez-Zurita,
  • José Luis Vázquez-Calle,
  • Juan Carlos Erazo-Álvarez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 584 – 603


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The phenomenon known as politicization of justice is examined. Indeed, the need arises to determine a counterweight in the judicial system, in the face of the excesses of political power that affect the democracy model. The function of the judges to administer justice consists in issuing sentences attached to law and justice. The objective of the investigation is to analyze judicial independence as a mechanism to reduce the politicization of the courts in the administration of justice in Ecuador as opposed to democracy and violation of basic guarantees such as due process. The scientific research methodology was based on the qualitative paradigm, based on analytical-synthetic and inductive-deductive methods. It is concluded that the administration of justice requires a strong judiciary, with the capacity to meet the legitimate claims of citizens, and this is only achieved when it is independent and impartial.