Вестник Московского государственного областного университета (2020-01-01)


  • Elena V. Seleneva,
  • Elena G. Chrkovskaya

Journal volume & issue
no. 3


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Aim. To identify the content and structure of representations about managerial talent.Methodology. Empirical research with the use of a specially designed questionnaire; content analysis; lexical analysis.Results. As a result of the analysis of empirical data, it is shown that in the views of the study participants, managerial talent is a specific type of talent, which manifests itself in the form of achievements in the field of management, which at a certain point in time and at least part of society are assessed as a significant contribution to the development of a country, region, organization. The features of ideas about the parties and the scale of manifestation of managerial talent, as well as the qualities of a talented manager, are revealed. It was established that from the point of view of respondents, the most significant aspects of the manifestation of managerial talent are the sphere of interaction between the leader and the team and the intellectual sphere, and the most significant for a talented manager qualities are communicative and intellectual.Research implications. Are determined by the fact that it reveals the features of ideas about managerial talent for the first time. The practical significance of the study is due to the fact that the data obtained as a result of the survey can be used to develop technologies for selecting high-potential personnel in the field of public administration and an integrated model for working with talents in the Russian Federation based on a personality-oriented approach to management.