Neptunus Africanus: una nota

Cartagine. Studi e Ricerche. 2018;3(0) DOI 10.13125/caster/3457


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Journal Title: Cartagine. Studi e Ricerche

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Publisher: Universit√† degli Studi di Cagliari

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Attilio Mastino


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The mosaics in North Africa, even those found far from the coasts and in the desert areas, show constantly the usual image of Neptune as sea god. The sculptures and inscriptions, on the other hand, bear witness to a different line, the one derived from the Roman interpretatio of a god who had deep Libyan roots, documented by the contact with the Libyan genius of the waters, but also by the Numid and Punic ones: from this derives the connection with the protecting deities of the springs, of the irrigated waters, of the vegetation, able to protect the territories from drought. It is particullarly significant the case studied in this paper about Thignica (Ain Tounga in Tunisia, Africa Proconsularis, in the territory of the Roman colony of Carthage). The project is coordinated by Samir Aounallah and Attilio Mastino.