Caribbean Medical Journal (May 2023)

A rare case of Sirenomelia in Trinidad

  • Shane Khan,
  • Vishal Bachan,
  • Karen Sohan,
  • Colin Jaggernauth

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 85, no. 1


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Abstract Sirenomelia is a rare type of dysmelia characterized by partial or complete fusion of the legs. We present a 31-year-old P1+0 who first presented to our antenatal clinic at 17+1 weeks gestational age. An ultrasonographic examination done showed a single foetus with a structurally normal head, chest, and upper limbs. The vertebrae of the lumbosacral spine appeared disorganised. The lower limbs appeared to be fused throughout its length. The ultrasonographic findings were consistent with Sirenomelia-Type 3. Although this condition is likely to have been encountered before in Trinidad and Tobago, this would be the first documented case.